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To our mind at Info-ESL word searches are an essential part of reading and word recognition instruction.  PLEASE enjoy...it's FREE...but be careful word searches are addictive.


  Word Search Game Sheet Generator  
  To generate your word search sheets, please complete the following form:  
1. Title of Word Search:  
2. Enter your word list:

Max. 35 words.

Please type the words you want printed on your word search sheet here.

Click 'ENTER' after each word.

    Word count: 0  (Max. 35 )  
3. Display word list in: lower case  
4. Categories (Optional) Category 1:  
Type in up to 3 categories
(e.g. food, animals, etc.).
This will display a category
table under the word search grid.
Category 2:  
Category 3:  
5. Click to continue:





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